Vision & Values

International Resource Consulting continually strive to be regarded as a world leader in specialist global recruitment synonymous with unparalleled quality, professionalism and delivery. From a focussed worldwide network we aim to provide the most highly-skilled, expert recruitment consultancy, offering a global service to our clients and candidates. We aim to build on existing relationships to become the industry's leading career partner, from a position of knowledge and experience.

Whether you are an employer or a candidate, at International Resource Consulting we are committed to investing in a career-lasting relationship that is both rewarding and invaluable to all.


At International Resource Consulting we strive to deliver the most professional service to everyone. Whether presenting your CV, communicating and assisting in the logistics and scheduling throughout the recruitment process or invoicing our clients, we are committed to successful delivery in the most efficient and effective way possible.


We aim to deliver bespoke, flexible, expert recruitment solutions in our specified fields. If we don't believe we have a solution for you, we won't offer ourselves as a business partner.


Our single-most important goal is to deliver on our promises. Whether we are working with you as a client or candidate, we will be unrelenting in our efforts to facilitate a successful conclusion to be reached.


The world is changing, and International Resource Consulting intend to evolve with it. The last few years has highlighted the need for companies to be flexible and adaptable, consistently striving to improve performance on behalf of customers: at International Resource Consulting we embrace the responsibility of offering bespoke solutions tailor-made to fit your needs.


At International Resource Consulting successful delivery is of paramount importance. To become a worldwide brand leader synonymous with quality and professional delivery, we are constantly scrutinising all aspects of our business, from recruitment techniques, to the way we partner clients and candidates, to the way that we attract and develop the industry’s most talented recruiters. Our aim is to ensure that with International Resource Consulting as a business partner, you always receive the highest quality recruitment consultancy.

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