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At International Resource Consulting we understand that an international move is not without complications, making the selection of a recruitment agent a critical decision for a candidate. As a recruitment agency specialising in international recruitment, we are experienced at working with professionals considering an international relocation, where many questions need to be answered before the decision is taken to make a proposed move. We understand that in many instances a candidate may need our support when considering how to research the answers to their international relocation questions. 

Our consultants are experienced at offering relevant suggestions on subjects you may consider researching before beginning an international career search, and how you may begin to undertake your research. Typical topics we would recommend you to consider, independently research and seek specialist professional advice on before deciding to proceed with an international career search or relocation may include, but not be limited to:

  • Specialist tax information
  • Local schooling information
  • International travel assistance
  • International payments and banking
  • Salary and Compensation advice
  • Document translation and authentication
  • Repatriation services
  • Interim accommodation
  • Local legislation

Additionally, our international recruitment expertise within our specialist sectors means our consultants will be able to offer valuable insight in to the kind of packages and depth of opportunities which may be available in your target destinations. To establish if we can offer the support which you feel you require to achieve your target domestic or international career move, please contact one of our recruitment consultants for a detailed discussion and further information.

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